Happy Birthday Blog!

May 7, 2012 § 1 Comment

This last weekend, I had a little party to celebrate the good things that have happened for me creatively this past year, with this blog’s official first year of life being one of the main ones!

I had put up of a few posts on WordPress the year before because I wanted to get the piece I wrote on Jennifer Knapp on the web outside my facebook account.  While working with friends on a gathering we hosted to discuss feminist sexual ethics, people kept saying we should collaborate on a blog.  Last year in late April, I had taken time off work to focus on my creativity.  I decided to move forward on my own, so sat and actually learned about WordPress (from a really nice youtube video by Abraham Harrison), shaped the blog, and set myself to posting regularly.

My main goals for the blog have been that it remain honest and vulnerable and non-violent and center on the theme of love.  I think I have grown towards all those things through posting.  I try to keep focus on a process versus product in creating things, not letting some weird false hope of popularity or money that comes as a knee-jerk response in our culture crowd out the real reasons why I write or make things.  What actually draws me to the things I love is the connections that are formed and the growth that is sparked – that very hard to describe warmth or life that comes from meeting with those things.  I’ve been hoping other people would find that here, and I think some have, which is wonderful!

At the party, I was also celebrating the one year anniversary of my beginning pottery lessons, and the recent completion of my first full draft of a novel.  I happened to have gotten my first new bicycle the day my blog post on learning to ride a bike came up, and I’d just done an advanced IMPACT course on defense against firearms along with Valerie.  Most of the closest friend were at the party and knew all those things.  My best friend Emily, and my good friend, Maggie (who somehow has not yet appeared on this blog, though I can’t think how) both gave me little, affirming gifts I’m now slightly obsessed with.  Everyone blew out a candle on a cupcake and made a creative wish for the next year.  And each person got a creative present, mostly pots I made which have finally transitioned to being objects you don’t have to be a close friend to love.

I have a hard time writing about creativity on this blog, even though I’ve tried several times.  So hopefully this year I will manage to get some things out. Valerie was looking at new pots and drafts on top my bookcase the other day and said, “You have so much art coming out of you!”  It’s a shock to here someone say that and find that it’s true.  I don’t know if other people’s spiritual lives have themes, but mine definitely does.  In college, it was food ethics, and after college it was sexual ethics, and now it seems it is creativity.  Maybe I’m still too in the thick of it to have much to say that makes sense.

I guess for this rambling post on my blog’s birthday I mainly wanted to try and convey some joy and celebration and wish folks ever-increasing tenderness towards themselves, great love with friends and lovers, and development of a creative life whatever that means for you.  On we go!

A toast to creativity!



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  • Rairun says:


    Well done on the novel too – I’d be interested in hearing more about it. I’ve toyed with the idea of writing one for like 8 years, but I find it hard to sustain the effort. I’ve also written a few short stories, but then it gets to a point I feel I’m done with them (emotionally speaking), but they still need some editing. I don’t think of myself as an aspiring writer anymore, but in the back of my mind I still haven’t given up completely.

    This is to say it’d be really cool to see you talking about your creative efforts.

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