Tactics For Living Well As An Introvert

November 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

Eat, drink, sleep ~ I believe this is the one best thing anyone can do to help achieve a balanced temperament.  Basic needs must be met consistently in order to alleviate basic, animal anxiety and imbalance.  Self-care should be consistently reprioritized as it slips from our habits.  For introverts, I think feeling overwhelmed, oversensitive, excessively emotional, indecisive, anxious, and immobilized are the general responses to stress from inadequate food, water, and sleep.  Eat enough wholesome foods throughout the day, safeguard your access to food when you’re busy by carrying snacks and taking breaks, drink ample water and if you like add some coffee and tea with a heap of even more water.  That’s pretty much my baseline for sanity preservation.

Provide processing time ~ As an extremely social introvert, this is perhaps the most important one on the list for me.  Time between inputs, like spending time with friends and lovers, experiencing art like films and books, and other extraverted activities are important for an introvert to process and store information and sort out their perceptions and opinions.  I honestly think I can’t remember well without enough processing time.  I feel as if I lose experiences when I overcrowd them.

Learn to be a gentle handler ~ You can’t charm a fox with a brash approach or scare a rabbit into heightened performance.  If you want to get yourself to take action, gentle nudging and internal coaxing will work while pushing yourself forward, brandishing the knife towards yourself and making threats will only lead to paralysis or resistance.  A lot of introverts had pressure applied to them by adults as children in order to get them to become bold and have internalized this tactic which disrespect their true nature and also tends to backfire, as it’s counterintuitive for managing introversion.  Improve your gentle self-talk and reduce your inner harsh, critical voice.  It may seem like a motivator but is actually an inhibitor and a block.

Practice use of body language ~ For introverts, it is often difficult to talk, and if not to talk, then to take the risk of speaking authentically.  Learning to use nonverbal expression can help give approval or positive attention to people you’re interested in, help you show annoyance or anger when you’re boundaries are being overstepped, and help you show your feelings when you want to but feel shy or inarticulate.  I feel like I learned a lot by interacting with dogs, who wear their feelings on their sleeve by nature.

Notice your love of other introverts ~ One of the greatest struggles practically everyone faces is self-negativity and judgment.  Many introverts gravitate towards other introverts and find shared traits understandable and even likable in others they judge in themselves.  Remember to compare your consideration and respect for others to how you feel about yourself and try to make them equal.


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§ One Response to Tactics For Living Well As An Introvert

  • elizabethalex says:

    Thanks for this! Feeling particularly overwhelmed today and it was reassuring to read these gentle reminders.

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