Responses, Questions, and Guest Blog Posts

If you have any responses or questions after reading this blog, please send them on!  You can comment the usual way or at  You can always let me know if you don’t want them posted for others to read.  It’s always great to know your writing has connected with someone and very encouraging.

If you’d like to post on this blog, just send me something.  I will try to be as prompt and thorough as possible in responding.  The more voices and stories represented on this blog, the better it will be!  If you think you might like to post, but can’t figure out where to get started, you can respond to a post or here are some questions I asked myself to get myself rolling that may help get you started:

How has feminist consciousness manifested itself in your everyday life?

How have you struggled and/or succeeded at developing the skills to match your ethics with your life in the real world?

How do you understand and envision a world free from coercion?


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