Why I Use Names

I use names on this blog for a few reasons:

One is ease of reading, so I’m not jumping from he and she in posts where I talk about experiences involving several people or comparing several of my experiences over time.

The next is so I can tag posts that involve particular relationships, so that if you really like a particular dynamic or find a lot of resonance with a particular bond, you can go to posts involving my relationship with that particular person or their ideas.

The last is to create an impression of real people interacting in real ways, which is what this blog is about.  I can’t see how any value system is genuine or of much worth if it doesn’t inform the way we take action.  This blog is about radical feminism and a radical love ethic in my life, being practiced in the real world, in real lives and real relationships.  There will be plenty of heady type, theory and thought based speech to be sure.  But the stories, I think, are the really relevant part, and stories take place between specific people, not a group of vaguely gendered husks of hes and shes, zes that pass in and out of my analysis of my life.

All the names are changed from real life to ensure people’s privacy and safety and to avoid embarrassing anyone whose kind of shy or just doesn’t want their personal life posted on the worldwide web with their name tied to it.  And, yeah, when I could, I let them pick what they would be called on here.


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