My Policy on Moderation on this Blog

Of course I believe in freedom of speech, but I also believe in maintaining strong boundaries and safe spaces for people who are learning and growing and expressing tender, inner parts of themselves, distress about the world, and hopes and visions they one day hope to manifest in the world.  I intend to do all those things on this blog and to be quite vulnerable.

So I plan to maintain this blog with one bias – the same single bias I intentionally maintain in my personal life.  That is, that any philosophy, theology, idea, opinion, argument, worldview, assumption, or otherwise which at its core instills apathy or cruelty I reject outright.  Anyone who wants to express opinions of this nature can start their own blog and copiously quote me and have at anything I’ve written.  But they can’t post on here.

I intend to keep this a safe space for myself and for other people who, like me, are searching for reason to hope and change and to be bold enough to express their small, timid intuitions and convictions creatively in the real world. So no meanness, no pettiness, and no uncalled for brashness allowed on here.  Go elsewhere with it, and have a hay day.

(My decision was informed by the genius and blog policy of Harriet Jacobs, which can be found in the comments part of an amazing post that can be found here.)


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